Congratulations!!  You have made the first steps in creating an entirely new business and life for yourself!

Last Step Book With Tina


As the author of Becoming an Online Business Manager and founder of the International Association of Online Business Managers Tina specializes in training & coaching business owners and high-end virtual support professionals on creating revenue streams, operations management and team development to create a strong foundation for a thriving business.

Since 1999 she has helped to build and manage many 6 and 7 figure businesses and knows firsthand how to implement a strong business foundation and the team to support it.

The Details

Summary of the Online Business Manager Certification Training:

Starts with:

A conversation with Tina to ensure this is your best next step... if you haven't booked yet you can do so here.


Set up the time in your calendar to successfully complete the training course within 90 days.


Prepare to be embraced into the community!  Once you get started in the training you join the 120+ Certified OBM's in an elite community of brilliant business owners.


Enjoy the goodies (aka bonuses):

1) One year free in the International Association of Online Business Managers - the official home of the Certified Online Business Manager™, offering monthly trainings, resources and access to the OBM community. ($107 annual fee)

2) A premium listing in the exclusive Online Business Manager Directory and RFP System - the only place where we refer business owners who are ready and excited to hire an OBM! "On average I receive 3-4 emails a month of folks wanting to work with me referred from the OBM directory.

3) A copy of the Compensation Conversation: Breaking Free From The Time For Money Trap. This Multimedia Kit includes a 182 page Workbook containing step-by-step Conversation Templates and 6 Audio CDs to help you create incentive-based compensation agreements with your clients - essential for any Online Business Manager! (sells for $297)

4) The ongoing support of your fellow trainees and Online Business Managers. I really can't stress this enough - the other people who participate in this training with you will become your biggest supporters and resources throughout the training and beyond. Within this group there is no question or challenge that will be left unanswered for you (truly priceless).