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Mindset Retreat

Thursday, May 19, 2016 3 hour Virtual Workshop Starting at 10am pacific / 1pm eastern

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I used to think that my success was based on knowing *how* to do stuff... and that if only I knew *how* then I would be set, right?

Well I've come to realize that simply isn't true, and in fact focusing on the *how* alone can get you seriously stuck in your business.

Think about it - there is no shortage of *how* out there these days. Between the internet and trainings and conferences and such - with the click of a button you can pretty much learn *how* do to anything!

  • So why then are some people successful while others aren't? (what do they have that you don't?)
  • Why is it that you feel like you are spinning your wheels when it seems so easy for other people to create what you want?
  • What will it really take to get to where you want to be? (hint - working harder isn't the answer)

It's all about mindset baby! Believe it or not... the way you think, the way you make decisions about what you want (or don't want) is the driving force behind creating success.

Tina has literally spent over $100K the past 3 years working with some of the best coaches out there, including David Neagle and Fabienne Fredrickson. And can tell you, she didn't learn *how* to do anything new from them but she did learn how to think differently. How to be differently. And that has allowed her business to explode in the past few years... we want to share with you what we've learned, at a fraction of the price. 😉

Here's What We'll Be Covering
During the Mindset Retreat

  • I am going to lay it all out there for you and share with you exactly what has worked for me, what didn't work and the biggest shifts I had to make in my business.
  • I am going to give you my 6 step process for exercising your mindset muscles so that you can see where you get stuck and move through any obstacles.
  • I am going to help you become aware of when your mindset is working against you (and how you can stop it.)
  • I am going to share my favorite exercise for setting goals around what you REALLY want (vs. what you think you should want.)
  • I am going to share with you an exercise to bust through the fear and move forward in faith (even when it scares the pants off you!)
  • I am going to give you my favorites tips for building a environment of support around you so that you don't feel like you are doing it all alone.
  • I am also going to have some of my clients join us to share how shifting their mindset has made amazing things happen for them (I always love hearing other people's stories don't you?)

Mindset Retreat

Thursday, May 19, 2016 3 hour Virtual Workshop Starting at 10am pacific / 1pm eastern

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