Lead from Within

A Leadership Course Created Exclusively for OBMs, VAs and Other 'Get-it-Done' Support Professionals

If you are in the support industry you may not consider yourself a leader nor think that leadership matters, but I assure you it is the missing 'link' to many of the challenges you may be experiencing right now in your business.

I have been in the virtual support industry since 1999 - for many of those years I worked as an Online Business Manager, and have spent the past 11 years training & mentoring VAs, OBMs and other professionals.

I have conversations almost every day with those of you who are offering 'get it done' services and I know that there are many frustrations - in particular, when it comes to working with your (sometimes crazy) clients! Managing expectations, getting them to listen, helping them to make (and stick) to a decision, dealing with other team members, explaining that not everything can happen overnight.

If it wasn't for your clients your work would be easy, right? 😉

All kidding aside, the truth is this:

Your clients are HUNGRY for you to lead. When I talk to them they share how they are looking for someone to be proactive. Someone who can plug into the bigger picture of what they want and make it happen. They share how they would LOVE to have someone on the team who isn't afraid to bring ideas, share solutions and step up to own their part in the business.

They are desperate to find (and hire!) professionals who are able to lead them, lead the business and even lead the team (if need be.)

The truth is, if you are not purposely working on becoming a stronger leader then you are missing out... and you may even get left behind.

As long as your leadership skills are weak then you will continue to struggle. You will continue to feel frustrated when your clients just won't listen to you even though you KNOW the right answer. You are going to constantly be led by your clients' every whim & desire, often finding yourself working way too hard trying to deliver on unrealistic timelines. Or worse yet, you may be sitting there waiting for your clients to let you know what they need, but they are too darn busy to tell you.

To complicate things, leadership doesn't always come easy! Most of us are not 'born leaders' - it is not something that comes naturally.

But the good news is that leadership can be learned.

In the same way you learned how to 'do what you do', you can also learn to become a better leader. You can learn how to feel confident and empowered in the work that you do. You can learn how to influence your clients so that they value what you bring to the table and listen to your advice.

And, you can do all of this by simply honoring who you are already (the best leaders embrace and enhance who they are already vs. trying to become someone else.)

The Leadership Journey is About...

  • How to have tough - yet effective! - conversations with clients and/or team members
  • Embracing your natural leadership style
  • Building a strategic plan based on the vision of the business/client
  • Setting strong boundaries with clients and other relevant team members
  • How to be a leader with your team members and others that you work with
  • How to make the biggest impact on your clients and have them singing your praises
  • Influencing others - how to get people to hear and value what you have to offer
  • Developing the characteristics of a confident leader
  • What your clients really want from you as a leader in your area of expertise

An Outline of Our 6 Session Training

Session #1 - Your Natural Leadership Style

Despite what you may think, leadership DOES matter for the 'get-it-done' support professional. In fact, developing your leadership ability will make you one of the top professionals in your field. In this first session we are going to explore the 7 different leadership types and help you identify your natural leadership style. We are also going to define what it means to a 'behind the scenes' leader - and why clients are DESPERATE to hire those who are willing to lead.

Session #2 - The 11 Facets of Empowered Leadership (aka your Leadership Toolbox)

Leaders aren't born - they are developed. In this session we are going to explore the facets of leadership that are the fundamental building blocks of the empowered leader. You will learn how to have difficult conversations, how to influence others (so that you are heard and valued for what you have to offer), how to create aligned expectations where everyone is on the same page, how to make powerful decisions that serve your clients and more...

Session #3 - Leading your Client

It can be tough to work with challenging clients - especially when you feel disempowered and don't know what to do! We are going to talk about the 6 client archetypes and how to deal with each type using the Leadership Fundamentals you learned in Session 2. Specifically, we will cover The Disappearing Client, The Not-Trusting Client, The Micro-Managing Client, The Won't Let You In Client, The Constantly Changing their Mind Client and The Fix My Business For Me Client.

Session #4 - Leading Within the Team

You may or may not be in an official managerial role - aka in 'charge' of others - but you do still need to work with everyone else on the team. And if you struggle with other team members it can make a huge impact on your work. In this session we are going to talk about how to lead from within the team when dealing with the 6 team member archetypes - The Disappearing Team Member, The Know-it-all Team Member, The Constantly Missing Deadlines Team Member, The Incompetent Team Member, The Whining/Helpless Team Member and The Undermining Team Member.

Session #5 - Planning & Leading the Business

There is nothing more exhausting than flying by the seat of your pants, making it up as you go and trying to keep up with what your clients want (and need!) In this session I will teach you my 3 Steps Ahead Planning System that creates a CONTAINER of success for working with your clients, including realistic timelines, clarity on 'who is doing what' and tips for how to deal with things when the plan goes off-track (because believe me, it will)

Session #6 - The Inner Game of Leadership

Leadership is an inner game - it is more about WHO you choose to be each day than it is about what you are doing. In this session we are going to talk about setting (and enforcing!) boundaries - so that clients don't suck the life out of you. We are also going to cover how to feel confident even when worry, doubt and fear kicks in (which it does, for all of us.) We will also explore the dark side of leadership - the things that can creep up on us and get in the way of being an empowered leader (when we can see these things ahead of time they don't have to throw us off track.)

The Lead From Within program is a fit for you if:

  • you are struggling with how to DEAL with your current clients (they don't listen to your advice, they keep changing their mind about things, they won't slow down, they won't let go, they micro-manage your every move... I could go on 😉
  • you are struggling to GET clients (if you aren't able to establish yourself as an expert / leader on the first call then chances are you won't be hired)
  • you feel like your clients are in CHARGE, and you are just there to do whatever they ask
  • you feel underutilized and undervalued by your clients (they don't seem to hear or RESPECT what you bring to the table)
  • you are working way TOO MANY HOURS trying to do everything your clients need and aren't sure how to set boundaries and take back your time
  • you feel tongue tied and aren't sure how to have TOUGH CONVERSATIONS with your clients or other team members (but if you avoid these conversations the problems keep growing and getting worse..)
  • you don't feel CONFIDENT in your business (and may even be starting to doubt whether or not you want to continue!)

Put simply, if you don't feel EMPOWERED to do your best work with clients who value what you bring to the table - then leadership is an issue that needs to be addressed.

Unlike many of our other programs - this one is for ALL 'get it done'  support professionals. You may be a VA, OBM, web designer, bookkeeper, tech wizard, social media expert or admin pro - doesn't matter what your area of expertise is, so long as you are hired as a doer.

Likewise, it is for beginners and seasoned professionals alike.

  • If you have been in business a while and are STILL struggling in these areas, this training could be instrumental to making some long overdue shifts in your success! (And believe me - you aren't alone... many get-it-done professionals find themselves struggling here for years before realizing it doesn't have to be this way)
  • If you are brand new and want to 'skip' the struggle - there is no requirement to have experience yet in order to join us, and in fact I daresay this could be the most important training program you could take as you start your new business!

Not everyone is a leader by title, but we can all be leaders by choice.

A choice in who you show up as every day.

A choice in what you focus on (common goals vs personal interests.)

A choice to speak up and share your wisdom & expertise (even when you aren't specifically asked to do so.)

A choice to have the tough conversations and deal with challenges head on.

A choice to take radical responsibility in your work and do whatever it takes to honor commitment.

A choice to treat people with respect and trust that they are bringing their best to the table.

A choice to continually improve your leadership ability (there is no finish line.)

You could be the CEO or the assistant - the face of the company or behind the scenes.

How are you choosing to show up as a leader today?

Lead From Within

The Only Leadership Program Created Exclusively for those who "get stuff done" - Online Business Managers, Virtual Assistants and other Support Professionals

 Digital Access NOW Available!

The program consists of six 75-minute training sessions, delivered by video and audio recording, lead by Tina Forsyth.

Remember, your complete training package includes:

  • 6 Recorded Webinar Training Sessions teaching you all the elements of what you need to become a confident and effective leader
  • Get it Done Assignments from each session with specific steps to take for you to apply what you are learning to your biz RIGHT NOW!
  • Video & Audio recordings of each session, for future reference in case you miss a session or want to review the training content.
  • An interactive forum where you can post questions and network with your trainer and peers throughout the training 
  • BONUS: How to LEAD the Sales Conversation
    A step-by-step script that will have your ideal clients saying YES to you every time!

Tuition is $997 USD
or 3 monthly payments of $400

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