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Welcome to the Online Business Manager Certification
Core Training Program!







We are really excited to start this journey with you and to help lay out a path to your success!

We have lots coming your way on this journey! In the meantime, a few things to get us started:

1) Our exclusive OBM Certification Training Facebook Group:

This group is where we will connect throughout your training journey – and gives you access to your Certified OBMs trainers and your fellow trainees!Go to this page and click ‘Request to Join’ for access and check for the pinned post at the top to introduce yourself to the group:

2) Your OBM Launch Pad calls!

During these two calls we are going to map out your plan for success – including what you are offering, when (and how) to transition existing clients, pricing and more. You can access the recordings for these 2 calls below – we highly recommend listening to both calls before you dive into the training.

3) Your Monthly Group Coaching / Q&A Calls

As part of your 90-day training journey, you are invited to join us LIVE for an open coaching / Q&A call where we will check in on your training progress, answer your questions and discuss anything else that is coming up for you on your OBM success path.We wanted to make sure that you have the dates & times for these calls in advance, so you can book them in your calendar now (access links will be sent to you later).These calls are the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month 1pm pacific / 4pm eastern time for up to 75 minutes

September 7th and 21st
October 5th & 19th
November 2nd & 16th

Calls are held on our zoom webinar / video sharing system – come ready to show your smiling face and connect with your fellow trainees. Here’s the link to access these LIVE calls:

NOTE: These calls are recorded – if you can’t make a call live we will ask you to submit any questions/scenarios for discussion ahead of time in the Facebook group so they can be addressed during the call time.

4) A Box of Goodies is on it’s way…

We are also shipping you a box with your OBM Training Binder + a copy of the Compensation Conversation program. Your OBM Binder contains slides from the training so that you can take notes while doing the program, and have it become a resource you rely on for years to come.

5) OBM Certification Week ** ADD TO CALENDAR NOW

The next OBM Certification Week is set for December 4 – 8, 2017. You will want to have 2-3 hours per day available during this time to complete your OBM projects, so be sure to book in your calendar now and plan accordingly. We will reach out to you in early November to confirm your participation.NOTE: Completion of the entire OBM Training is required to qualify for Certification week. If you aren’t able to participate in December you will have the opportunity to do next time around.

6) Access to Brand New Leadership Training Course.

Select button below to access this brand new leadership training “Lead From Within”. This separate training course is a special bonus to all Certified OBM Trainees. Enjoy!

Here’s how the training works:

  1. This is a self-directed video based training program – meaning that you get to decide when you want to watch each training session (via video) based on what fits
    best in your schedule.
  2. The goal is for you to complete the entire training series in 90 days, and we have structured each lesson within that timeline (you are of course welcome to finish the training much sooner if you like.) If you do at least 2 training sessions a week you will be on track. Sessions can range from 60-90 minutes each – click here to see a complete list of the sessions (including length) so you can plan accordingly to what fits your schedule best. Some choose to do a training for two evenings a week, others might choose to spend an afternoon in training.
  3. You must complete a video before you get access to the next video. Ie: You must select the “Mark Complete” button at the bottom of the page before you will be able to access the next video.
  4. We will email you directly to check on your progress. Please consider these ‘loving nags’ to keep you focused through your journey, and of course to give you support if you find yourself stuck along the way.

How to Get the Most From this Training

In order to get the most from your training, we recommend that you do the following:

  1. Do the entire program. This is the #1 element in your succeeding in becoming a Certified Online Business Manager. Also, be certain to schedule in the time for the Q and A calls throughout the training. These calls will be especially important to help with processing the mass of information you will receive from the training material. We will be able to address the real situations being faced in your businesses now… so come with questions, ideas, suggestions and stuck points.
  2. Schedule time in your calendar to watch the training videos. We *highly* recommend that you actually book the time in your calendar to watch the Training Videos without distractions. This is the most important step, as OBM’s, multitasking is the name of our game. Understandable, but is imperative that you are able to be present for the training mind, body and soul!
  3. Take notes… take notes… take notes! Use the handout version of the slides in your OBM binder or whatever format you like. You will refer back to this material often and writing notes in your own words will help you to quickly relate to what you learn during the training.
  4. Participate in the private OBM Training group on Facebook. If you have questions, comments or are just looking for general support the forum is a great way to connect with your fellow OBMs. Don’t be shy, any and all comments and questions are welcome.

Our goal is simple – to be with you every step of the way on this journey. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need anything. You can email and Debra will take care of you asap.

On behalf of myself and Team OBM

Tina Forsyth & Team


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