OBM Virtual Intensive

Welcome to the OBM Virtual Intensive

I can’t wait to roll up my sleeves and work with you!

Please see below for complete details on this two day LIVE virtual

And if you have any questions email us at support@obmconnect.com
at any time.

At the end of our 2 days you will have learned:

  • How to Develop a Vision for Your Business – based on
    what you really want and what the industry is in need of. This
    will support you in connecting with ideal clients and doing the
    work you love to do.

  • How to Leverage YOUR Expertise – if you are tired of
    JUST being the assistant this is the go to session. I am going
    to explain exactly how to have conversations that set the stage
    for you to be highly valued in your client relationships
  • What It Takes to Create Long Term Client Relationships
    – the turnover rate in virtual support / client relationships is an
    epidemic! Let’s put a stop to it… you can become an integral
    part of your client’s business, and as such it has a very low
    turnover… which means you will rarely have to look for new
  • When to Specialize Your Services – There was a time where
    being all things to all people paid off. Not any more! The
    processes are too complex and the tech requires much more
    specialization, not to mention the strategies and formula’s for
    online success. Find out how to bust the limits in your business
    by specializing.
  • Are You an OBM, VA or Something Else – We will get to the
    bottom of this! Define exactly what services you provide and
    how to verbalize them to potential clients to ensure they know
    what they are getting!
  • Open Q & A – There is a coaching component to these two days…
    it’s a ‘no-one left behind mindset’, you will get what you come for…

Two Day LIVE Retreat Dates & Times:
Day One: Thursday September 29th 2016

Day Two: Friday September 30th 2016

We will be together for up to 4 hours each day:

9am – 1pm pacific

12pm – 4pm eastern

NOTE: It’s OK if you have to pop out for a wee bit on either day,
but we do recommend clearing your schedule to be 100% present
with us to make the most of our time together.

Virtual Retreat Access:

This retreat is completely virtual so we will be meeting together in
our online webinar system.

To join us for these Retreats go to the following links (you will be
able to dial in via phone or your computer once you login)

Day One: Please use the link listed below

Day Two: Please us the link listed below

If you prefer to listen by phone only OR if you have trouble accessing the webinar
via the link above, here is the dial-in information to join the live session.

Dial-in Number:
(213) 416-1560
Attendee PIN:
998 8220#


If you have a customer service question you can email us direct at support@obmconnect.com

Course Materials