Get Clients OBM Mentorship Program

Here are all the details on the GET CLIENTS MENTORSHIP PROGRAM, how it will be structured, when and where to show up and what what will be expected when you do. Go ahead and make note of the following in your calendar now.

Monthly Take Action Training

These monthly in-depth training sessions are specifically chosen to help guide you through the journey of getting clients and building your OBM business. You will be assigned “homework” each month to implement in your own business and take action towards your goals. To receive the fullness of this Mentorship you will want to be sure to go through this material on a MONTHLY basis.

Month 1 – Kickoff & Business Planning

Month 2 – Creating Your OBM Offer

Month 3 –  Websites

Month 4 – Sales Conversation

Month 5 – Keeping Your Marketing Engine Running

Month 6 – Crafting your Client Intake Process

BONUS Training: Profit First for OBMs

Monthly Group Accountability Calls

We have 2 group calls together each month: These monthly calls hosted by Tina Forsyth and/or Tiffany Johnson will be your “check-in” to ensure that you are taking action on your commitments each month. Your coaches and colleagues will be there to answer questions, give support and celebrate with you at each step along the way. Each call will be up to 75 minutes in length.

Dates & Times for Monthly Calls

Calls will be at 9:00am pacific time / 12:00 noon eastern. Monthly on the second and fourth Wednesday.. unless otherwise noted:


Conference ID: 366301#

Primary Number: (425)-440-5100

Secondary Number: (929) 223-3001

Recordings to all Q and A calls will be posted in our OBM Mastery Monthly Group Call Recordings Page Here 

Discussion Forum

You can join us here on this private Facebook Group: Side note: the forum will be exactly what we make of it! So be determined to share, question, give and receive via this format. As we all have something to teach and we all have something to learn… let’s be willing to share it freely amongst ourselves.

1-1 Support

You also get ongoing 1-1 support in this journey.

1) 2 Strategic Planning Sessions, One-on-One Two 60 minute calls with Head Coach Tina Forsyth. Your first ‘Kick-off’ planning session will be to focus your strategic plan and get clear on your goals for the program. The second is an opportunity to amplify or refine your work at approximately 3 months, or the mid-point of the program. Use it to build on your success to date, course correct or dig deeper into your business building plan. First call will be booked in either April or May (depending on schedules.)

To book your sessions with Tina go to:

2) 1 Monthly “Kick-butt” Call, with Mentor Coach Tiffany Johnson. These 30 minute 1-1 calls – exclusive to you – will allow for laser focus on the help you need, when you need it to help you move through any blocks or stuck-points that come up for you on this journey. Tiffany Johnson is an experienced OBM who has “been through the fire” when it comes to building an OBM business and has a gift for helping you see and overcome any blocks that may be getting in your way.

To book your sessions with Tiffany go to:

Note: If you can’t find a time in the online calendar that works for you let Tina/Tiffany know and we’ll do our best to find alternative times.

3) 1-1 Coaching “Gym” Hours Twice Monthly Much like a traditional fitness gym, twice each month you will be invited to “drop in” to our coaching gym for a quick 15-minute personal coaching call with either Tina or Tiffany. This time in the coaching gym is intended to give you direct support to ask questions, brainstorm or get a loving “kick in the butt” as needed to move you forward in your journey. Coaching Gym Hours For Tina are on the 2nd Thursday of each month starting at 3pm Eastern

Coaching Gym Calls for Tiffany are available the 4th week of the month

Virtual Mastermind Retreats

These intensive style virtual retreat days will feature in-depth business training as well as structured masterminding, strategy generation, feedback on ideas, action plans and support. During each session, you will have the opportunity to share how things are going on in your business and request what help you most need. You will receive feedback, connections and course-correction as suitable from Tina and your accountability colleagues, as well as hot-seat coaching for any areas that would benefit from deeper work. This type of business masterminding and network formation can be very difficult to arrange outside a program such as this, and is a pivotal piece of the value in your investment

Upcoming Virtual Retreat Dates:

September 16th 2016
December 2nd 2016

We will start at 9am pacific / noon eastern each day, and go for 4 to 5 hours (depending on the number of participants). We recommend planning it as a day “off”, so that you are free to focus on your business without clients and such.

These retreats will be held by bridge line or Anymeeting. Access information will be emailed to you well in advance.


Phone Number: (425) 440-5100
Conference ID: 366301#

Backup number: (929) 223-3001

>> Access the Virtual Retreat Recordings Here <<

Course Materials