Online Business Manager Training 2016

Welcome to the Online Business Manager Training & Certification – it’s great to have you on board!

So in a nutshell, here’s the scoop:

  • This is a self-directed video based training program – meaning that you get to decide when you want to watch each training session (via video) based on what fits best in your schedule.
  • The goal is for you to complete the entire training series in 90 days, and we have structured each lesson within that timeline (you are of course welcome to finish the training much sooner if you like.)
  • You must complete all the videos in a module before you will get access to the next module. ie: You must select the “Complete Button” after all sessions in Module 1 before you will be able to access the information in Module 2.
  • We are here with you every step of the way and have a few ways that we will stay connected.
  • We will email you directly to check on your progress. Please consider these ‘loving nags’ to keep you focused through your journey, and of course to give you support if you find yourself stuck along the way.
  • You have access to twice monthly open Q&A calls hosted by Tina Forsyth for the first 90 days of your training journey. These calls are usually held on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month. The purpose of these calls is to give you direct support and a space to ask any questions that come up for you on this training journey. (Plus, we get to have some fun together “live” each month.) Call reminder emails will be sent a day before and the day of the call with call in details.
  • There is a private Facebook discussion group for all trainees. Where you can post comments, share insights or ask questions directly
    of Tina and your fellow trainees between our twice monthly calls. Simply follow the instructions in your welcome email to join this group.

How to Get the Most From this Program

In order to get the most from your training, we recommend that you do the following:

  • Do the entire program. This is the #1 element in your succeeding in becoming a Certified Online Business Manager. Also, be certain to schedule in the time for the Q and A calls following the training. These calls will be especially important to help with processing the mass of information you will receive from the training material. We will be able to address the real situations being faced in your businesses now… so come with questions, suggestions, successes and hey, we can all learn from failures too!
  • Schedule time in your calendar to watch the videos. We *highly* recommend that you actually book the time in your calendar to watch the Training Videos without distractions. This is the most important step, as OBM’s, multitasking is the name of our game. Understandable, but is imperative that you are able to be present for the training mind, body and soul!
  • Take notes… take notes… take notes! You will refer back to this material often and writing notes in your own words will help you to quickly relate to what you learn from Tina during the training.
  • Participate in the discussion forum. If you have questions, comments or are just looking for general support the forum is a great way to connect with your fellow OBMs. Don’t be shy, any and all comments and questions are welcome.

Alright… it’s time to get started. Select the Module 1 Button listed for you below.

Certification Week

Open exclusively to participants in this Training, you will have the opportunity to participate in the OBM Certification Week and apply to become a Certified Online Business Manager™.

Upon successful completion of the Certification process (as evaluated by our Certification Committee) you will be awarded the credential of Certified Online Business Manager™ and join the ranks of select few in our industry. Certification is a process of being able to demonstrate, in real-life situations, that you have the knowledge, expertise and fortitude required to excel as an Online Business Manager.

During Certification Week you will get the chance to apply everything you’ve been learning by working as an Online Business Manager in a series of business scenarios that we get direct from real working businesses. We don’t want to give away too much yet, but rest assured that it will be a challenging, busy and at times crazy week. In the same way that you might decide to train for a marathon, the first 6 modules are your ‘training plan’ so that you are ready to run the big race that is Certification Week.

You will want to plan for up to 3 hours/day to complete projects Mon-Fri. You will receive 2 projects a day via email by 8am eastern and they will be due throughout the week (in other words, if you don’t plan to set aside time throughout the week it will be REALLY hard to catch up with everything on Friday)

You will need to complete ALL training sessions in order to qualify for Certification Week. This can be done by attending live (our webinar system does track attendance) or by watching the training online and marking that session complete (via the button at the bottom of each session page.)

We will be reaching out to you approximately a month before the next Certification Week to confirm your participation – stay tuned for that email.

Exclusive OBM Trainee Online Forum:

You are invited to this exclusive forum (a private Facebook group) where you can connect with your fellow trainees and start to build your OBM community (SO important in this journey.)

Click the link below and request to be added to the group

If you have questions, comments or are just looking for general support the forum is a great way to connect with your fellow OBMs. Don’t be shy, any and all comments and questions are welcome.

And last but not least – HAVE FUN!

We know this is a comprehensive program, and at times you might feel like you are trying to take a drink from a firehose. Don’t worry, the materials will always be here for you – your access doesn’t expire – so that you can return and review any aspect of the program as needed.

Questions? Reach out to us at for anything you need k?

Here’s to success on your terms!

Tina Forsyth & Team


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