Before becoming an OBM, I was struggling to find my way in the industry. I had a single client that I was working for full time as a Techie VA. I learned the industry, watched the big players, and noticed I had this gut feeling like there was something more for me. I'd spent years as a Project Manager and corporate employee but couldn't seem to find where I fit into the entrepreneur world.

Things began shifting with my client's business and the team was told the doors would be closing quickly. I was devastated, all my eggs were in one basket and I knew I needed a change, fast! I had been stalking Tina online for a while already and decided to buy her book Becoming an Online Business Manager. I couldn't put it down and read the entire thing in a couple days. Throughout the whole book I kept thinking "This is me, this is what I do right now!" I knew that I WAS an Online Business Manager and was ready for official training since most of what I learned to date was figuring things out on my own.

How to have a sales conversation is one of the top things I learned in the Online Business Manager Certification Training.  I know how to handle the money conversation and know the questions to ask to determine if the relationship would be a fit.  Just because I 'could' support them in their business doesn't mean they even need an OBM or that they would be an ideal client.

Before I was an OBM, I spent more of my time working than I did with my family. I missed some important times that I can never get back. Since I've made the transition to being an OBM and getting my certification, the tables have turned and I get to spend more time with my family than I spend working!

The month before I made the decision to officially become an OBM I only brought in $400 from a small side project and had ZERO future income. I haven’t had a $400 month since and I’ve even had many 5 figure months! However, I measure my success by the quality time I get with my husband and 3 kids and the size of the smile on their faces.

I have a Degree in Exercise Physiology. I was a personal trainer, fitness instructor and health club manager for 10+ years. At the start of that journey I thought it would be my career for life. I fell in love business management during this time, but eventually felt I had outgrown the fitness industry. I wanted new challenges and a great variety of business experience.

In the fall of 2010 I quit my fitness management job and began the search for my next step. That search led me to Tina’s book Becoming an Online Business Manager. I read the book, scheduled a call with Tiffany and despite having no practical online experience at all, in January of 2011 I took the Online Business Manager Certification course and I’ve been working full-time as an OBM ever since.

Because I was passionate about business and loved all things related to managing and running a business, I knew I was meant to be in an OBM role – one that allowed me to clear the path so others could perform at their peak.  Through the training and experiences, I quickly learned that confidence is critical to success in an OBM role. You need to trust your value, know your worth and own your expertise. 

The biggest surprise that I’ve experienced is in realizing that our clients are not business management experts. When I first started I was convinced my clients knew more about running a business than I did, and that I was just there to help. When you discover and really get that as the OBM you are the business expert, it allows you work from a leadership perspective - completely different, and way more fun!


I used to say yes to every potential client I spoke to no matter what they needed (most did NOT need an OBM). I once worked for months with a client who paid me just $250 a month – what?!?!?!  Now I turn down clients who are not the right fit, I choose who I want to work with, and I do the kind of work I want to do and I make more money than I have ever made in any of my previous jobs – it is a number I truly did not think was possible.  

Sharon Broughton

Before I became an OBM, I was a Techie Virtual Assistant and I had been in business for about 10 years.  I had been working in an OBM capacity for several of my clients but I didn’t know it! 


I love working with my clients at a higher capacity.  I don’t want to just do “tasks” - I want to be involved in the planning and execution for my clients.  I also want to work with higher level clients who don’t have any issues affording an OBM.


My client relationships are not about me working for them but about partnering with them to substantially grow their business. Through the OBM Certification Training, I learned how to partner with my clients, how to have the compensation conversation and how to get paid my value (not my hourly rate).  I am not afraid to let my clients know my rates and the extra value that I bring to them based on what I have done in the past and who I have worked with.

Since becoming an OBM, my income has increased substantially.  Before being an OBM I was in the low six figures. Now my business brings in multiple six figures and I’m growing constantly. I’ve expanded my team and my goal for this year is $500k.