The Certified Online Business Manager® Training Program

An Advanced Training Program for Get-It-Done Professionals Who Want to Leverage their Operations and Administrative Experience into a Lucrative Work-From-Home Business

Tap Into The Market of High-End Clients Who Are Growing Quickly & Need YOUR Support!

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The official definition of an Online Business Manager (OBM) is:

A virtual based support professional who runs the day-to-day activities of online based businesses, including the management of projects, operations and team members.

Put simply, an OBM is responsible to get the right things done, at the right time, in the right way and by the right person.

Being an OBM is also about freeing up your clients so that they can focus their time and energy on the things that only THEY can do in their business.

Most business owners look to hire an Online Business Manager (OBM) when they simply cannot grow their business anymore being the only one in charge. In order for them to take their business to the next level they need to pull themselves out of the day-to-day management activities and let someone else take the lead. ← That’s where the OBM steps in.


Breaking Free from the 9 to 5 'Grind'
Gone are the days where we have to 'get a job' in order to make a great living and progress in our careers. Where we have to rely on a boss to decide what we can - and can't - create. Being a Certified OBM puts you on the path to creating success on YOUR terms - to working with amazing people, creating your own schedule (cya later 9 to 5!) and making more money doing work that you enjoy. Ooooo yea.

Significant Earning Potential
Certified OBMs charge $65/hr and up - depending on their level of experience - with average retainers starting at $2000/month per client. And when you set up an incentive based payment structure with your clients, you blow the roof off of the traditional and limiting 'time for money' model-- meaning there is no cap on your earning potential and have you the ability to increase your income over time.

The Ability to Pick Who you Want to Work With
With the fast paced growth of the online business market - and offline businesses who want to come online! - there is no shortage of clients looking to work with OBMs.
We have OBMs who work with coaches, trainers, consultants, speakers and authors. We have OBMs who work with clients in other 'traditional' industries such as construction, legal or financial services. The sky is truly the limit when it comes to the type of clients you can work with.

Not Having to Juggle Too Many Clients
Many other service professionals - VAs, social media experts, website designers, bookkeepers, etc - have to work with a bunch of people at a time to create the income they are looking for. As an OBM you can be successful working with just a small group of your ideal clients - usually 2 or 3 at a time - vs. having to juggle the ‘too many clients” model that can be so tiring in other service based professions. 

Long-Term Client Relationships
Likewise, because the Online Business Manager role is integral to your client's business it has a very low turnover rate. Once you’ve found your ideal clients you may work with them for many years, and rarely have to look for new clients. PLUS, many Online Business Managers will continue to grow with their clients businesses, opening up opportunity for advancement and partnership.

Establish Yourself as an Expert
When you help your clients create success, you will be considered an expert in online business systems and your client's niche market. You become known as the 'go to person' for anyone who wants to build sustainable success.

Find New Clients by Word of Mouth
Likewise, when you help your clients succeed, word gets around very quickly and referrals start to flow in... to the point where you will find yourself having to say 'sorry, my business is full' to the business owners who pop up asking for your help.

Continuous Learning and Growth
The world of online business is constantly evolving - new tools, strategies and ideas seem to pop up every month. Let's just say you will never be bored when you are working as an OBM.

Becoming a Certified OBM® allows you to take control of your livelihood, make a great income and build a business that suits your lifestyle and goals!

What Exactly Will I Learn?

The Certified OBM® Training is a comprehensive program that will give you the SKILLS & CONFIDENCE you need to thrive in this role, make great money and create amazing results for your clients that have them singing your praises.


Online Business 101 - Business Models & Marketing

As an OBM it is essential to have a strong understanding of how online business works. The lessons in this module will teach you the basics of online business models, websites, marketing funnels, autoresponders, and online marketing strategies.


The 9 OBM Leadership Competencies

The heart of the OBM role is all about leadership - being able to lead the business, lead your client and lead yourself! In these lessons we dive deep into the 9 OBM leadership competencies, and how to take a powerful and effective stance in your work.


Project Planning & Launch Management  

Being able to turn your clients vision & goals into a comprehensive plan is one of the key skills of the OBM (and one of the main reasons they are hiring you!) The lessons in this module will teach you how to create a 90-day plan, including a deep dive into launch planning and management.


Automation, Systems & Operations Management 

Today's growing businesses know that systems are necessary for sustainable success - and they know they need help to create them! The lessons in this module will teach you how to effectively create systems, the top 10 business systems that every business needs and the best tools to run smoothly and efficiently.


Virtual Team Hiring & Management  

As the OBM you are in charge of the team - from finding and hiring the right people through to making sure that everyone is getting stuff done. The lessons in this module will teach you how to structure an online team, where to find the best people, how to hire and effectively lead to get the most from your team members.


Building your OBM Business  

Now that you've got the OBM skillset under your belt it's time to build the business of your dreams! In this module we dive into identifying your ideal clients, confidently leading the sales conversations, how to price your OBM services and a plan for the first 90 days of working with your new clients.


Certification Week  

Upon completion of the training outlined above, you will have the opportunity to participate in Certification Week and apply to become a Certified OBM®.

Certification Week is a process of being able to demonstrate, in real-life situations, that you have the knowledge, expertise and fortitude required to excel as an Online Business Manager.

With successful completion of the Certification process (as evaluated by our Certification Committee) you will be awarded the credential of Certified OBM® and join us in the International Association of Online Business Managers.

Here’s what some of our Certified OBMs have to say…

"The training, for me, was so valuable that even 9 years later, I'm STILL referencing modules to help guide me through challenges. But the bigger value for me, was in the mindset shift from being the VA, or doer in the business, to a strategist and planner.

The Certification process was powerful for me. The Projects are challenging, and it mirrored, perfectly, what it can be like in the day-to-day as an OBM.

I was able to come out of the Certification with confidence to serve my clients with excellence. And as a Certified OBM® I have a built-in community of other Certified OBM's that I can lean on for support, help or input when I need another perspective and access to the amazing ongoing training opportunities. That kind of support from the Association is absolutely an essential for me."

Crystal Coleman, Certified OBM®

"I paid the exchange rate for the course [from USD to CAD], and would've paid that double times at least! Taking this course allowed me to really understand my place and value in my client's business. It also allowed me to streamline my methods, learn different approaches, and be more effective in what I do. It's also the first ongoing education program that I was fully invested in!!! 

Less than 1 month after certifying, I was met with my FIRST OBM opportunity, and opportunities have been coming in since -- I now get to be more selective and work with the clients I resonate with the most :)

On a personal side. The course tripled my income in 1 month and allowed my boyfriend & I to make the decision to move to beachfront property.

As a VA I was way too efficient and my VA clients kept piling it up because I made their life easier. But because I was SOOOO efficient, I had to work triple the hours for just basic income and quickly found myself burnt out.

The content itself gives you so much to implement that even 1.5 years later I feel like there is still MORE to digest from the course itself, and whenever I get stuck, I refer back to it and find EXACTLY what I need. 

Plus the perks that follow are amazing too!!! A dedicated OBM community [in the Association] with others "on your level", support from OBM trainers & Tina herself (Tina didn't teach me but there have been SEVERAL times Tina herself gave me direct and valuable advice), and the continuing education is everything I have been looking for for years, but had never found until now."

Stephanie McIntyre, Certified OBM®

New Trainings Start Each Quarter

Click the button below to get information on upcoming course dates so we can get started on your Certified OBM® journey today!